Thursday, May 19, 2011


I would just like everybody to know that I have 5 days until I am officially out of 7th grade!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!! I also want to say that I dont have to wear uniform for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Jr. High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe not love, but really liking Jr. High. Especially the Lagoon part. Watch out Lagoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes Lakeview and all of its crazy middle schoolers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant forget to watch our for Me and all of my CRAZY Amigos or Amigas.

I would also like everybody to know that I am preforming in the Talent Show tomorrow. Ok, not preforming, but introducing everybody, along with my favorite, crazy, 8th grade friend who has the attention span of a 5 year old, Jessica. I love you Jessica if you are reading this. If not, oh well. Just Kidding, I love you Jessica.

Anyway, back to the Talent Show. I am sooooooooooo SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I can get away with not going...... Stroke the beard, stroke the beard. I couldnt leave Jessica to do it by herself!!!!! Plus, I get to use a scary tiki faced bowl as a mask. Who can say no to that? I am soooo excited as well. Because, before the Talent Show, all of the sports teams get awards. And I was on ALL of the sports teams!!!!! And, I get out of class early.

You know what I just realized, that I HAVE TO SKIP SCIENCE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the teacher MRS. THOMPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have to go now. So this is Raven signing off, saying ADIOS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! And if you cant read this color, maybe you should get your eyes checked. And take me to Del Taco on the way to the eye doctors................... HEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!